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Tips for Live Sound

5 Top Tips Mastering the art of live sound engineering is no small undertaking. Every room and every system is unique. There’s a laundry list of terms to memorize and different functions to get familiar with… That said, there are some basic principles that can go a long way with any mix. You’ll learn as […]

How to Select the Right A/V Consultant

4 Main Points Not all A/V companies are created equal. Deciding that you need an expert to help you design and install an A/V system is just the first step, and finding the right consultant can be a challenge all its own. There are plenty of things to consider here, but a four central points […]

Audio Video Tips for Churches

See & Hear Better! For your congregation to get the most out of the service they’re attending, they need to see and hear with clarity. Musical nuances can be lost because of a bad mix. The most powerful parts of a sermon can go unnoticed if people are distracted by harsh lighting or a clipping […]

Why Use High Pass Filters?

HPF & Vocals Using a HPF properly can be one of the best things you can do for your vocal mix. One of the most common things we encounter at events that have live audio is excessive amounts of bass where it shouldn’t be. This leads to wind noise, popping and low intelligibility. Specifically with […]